Project Description

EPRUI-MagSi: Silica magnetic beads are specially designed for extraction and purification of nucleic acid. There are rich silanol groups on the surface which can specific binding nucleic acids in solution through hydrophobic interaction, hydrogen bonding and electrostatic interaction under high salt and low pH condition.

Without binding with other impurities (such as proteins), EPRUI-MagSi can quickly separate nucleic acids from biological samples. The operation is safe and simple, and is easy for automatic and high throughput extraction of nucleic acid.

Amino Functionalized Magnetic Silica Beads

EPRUI-MagSi is monodisperse silica magnetic bead with narrow particle size distribution and excellent dispersion property compared with traditional multinuclear magnetic beads, EPRUI-MagSi is a single nuclear magnetic bead with silica layer thickness of about 1/20 of the size of the magnetic bead. The magnetic content  is more than 95% which greatly improves the magnetic responsiveness of the magnetic beads, and the complete magnetic separation time is less than 5 seconds. Based on the excellent characteristics of EPRUI-MagSi, which is very easy to perform rapid separation and rapid re-suspension dispersion after withdrawing magnetic field.

It is especially suitable for automated nucleic acid extractor, which greatly shorten the operation time of nucleic acid extraction process. Due to the narrow particle size distribution of EPRUI’s silica magnetic beads, the batch differences during nucleic acid extraction can be significantly reduced, which provides guarantee to the reproductivity of in vitro molecular diagnosis and subsequent gene manipulation in molecular biology  based on nucleic acid extraction.


  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • High reproducibility
  • Good biocompatibility
  • Superparamagnetic and high magnetic response (Saturation magnetization is greater than 40emu/g), saving operation time. Magnetic response time <30s
  • Excellent nucleic acid binding capacity (greater to 20ug DNA/mg Beads) to ensure the extraction effect
  • Easy to disperse and suitable for automated instrument of nucleic acid workstation
  • Good storage stability: complete silica coating, stable performance, resistance to 6M hydrochloric acid etching > 5 minutes


  • DNA extraction from blood, tissue,forensic samples, plants, animals and microbiology
  • RNA or DNA isolation from virus
  • Plasmid DNA purification
  • Purification of PCR products
  • Silane coupling reagent can be further modified for immobilization of protein and nucleic acid

Product List

BrandProduct NameFunctional GroupsCode No.Particle Size
MagSiSilica Magnetic BeadsHydroxyl110020200nm


  • The use effect of magnetic beads in deionized water may be affected by freezing, drying and centrifugation.
  • The settling of magnetic beads due to gravity is a normal phenomenon. Before using this product, it is necessary to fully oscillate or ultrasonic disperse to keep the magnetic beads in suspension state.
  • The magnetic beads can be stored stably for 12 months at 2-8 C.