Project Description

GMA microspheres are glycidyl methacrylate particles in spherical morphology.

EPRUI Biotech is closely cooperated with top microspheres research centers in China and can supply monodisperse glycidyl methacrylate microspheres with uniform particle size (monodispersity 5%-10%), good hydrophilicity and rich epoxy group. Customization is accepted if for special needs.

Monodisperse Poly(Glycidyl methacrylate) (PGMA) microsphere were obtained by two-stage dispersion polymerization and acid catalyzed hydrolysis was employed to transform the epoxy groups into glycol groups, rendering the P(GMA) microspheres moderately hydrophilic to stabilize Pickering emulsion.

GMA microspheres


Industrial GMA is mainly used in acrylic powder coatings, latex coatings, textile finishing agents, adhesives, medicine, etc.

With rich epoxy groups on the surface, our monodisperse GMA microspheres are mainly used for surface chemical modification. GMA microbeads can also be applied to the areas of microscopy, cell measurement, biomedicine, filtration detection and flow principle research.


4-001-0.3300nmGlycidyl methacrylate /GMAWhite Dispersion2.50%
4-001-0.5500nmGlycidyl methacrylate /GMAWhite Dispersion2.50%
4-001-11umGlycidyl methacrylate /GMAWhite Dispersion2.50%
4-001-33umGlycidyl methacrylate /GMAWhite Dispersion2.50%
4-001-55umGlycidyl methacrylate /GMAWhite Dispersion2.50%
4-001-1010umGlycidyl methacrylate /GMAWhite Dispersion2.50%


  1. GMA microbeads dissolve in acetone, chloroform, tetrahydrofuran and other organic solvents, so don’t disperse the GMA microspheres in the reagent above.
  2. The working temperature should not exceed 70 degrees to prevent molten deformation or get agglomerated.