Hydroxyapatite Nanopowder

What is Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste?

Hydroxyapatite toothpaste is a nontoxic, biocompatible oral care product and one of the most studied biomaterials in the industry. The main ingredient, hydroxyapatite, makes up over 96% of your tooth enamel’s foundation, making it a natural alternative to most store-bought toothpaste. Studies show hydroxyapatite toothpaste promotes stronger, healthier-looking teeth without using harsh components like fluoride. If you are Looking for fluoride-free, SLS-free toothpaste, make the switch to hydroxyapatite toothpaste for a brighter smile and glossy teeth. This enamel strengthening toothpaste is a great fluoride alternative with no harsh additives and it naturally whitens your teeth.
Nowadays, hydroxyapatite toothpaste is becoming increasingly popular among dentists and oral health professionals. It’s a natural alternative to traditional toothpaste and can whiten your teeth while giving them an extra layer of protection against decay, bacteria, infections, and more. The protective film on the cementum root surface and tooth enamel is formed by continuely using hydroxyapatite toothpastes. Oral health experts call this process remineralization. The hydroxyapatite latches onto tooth enamel to fill small channels within sensitive teeth called tubules, strengthening them while preventing decay.

Benefits of HAP Toothpaste

HAP toothpaste

1. Hydroxyapatite help teeth remineralization which prevent and heal cavities.

HAP toothpaste’s most significant benefit is remineralization promotion. Hydroxyapatite contains phosphate and calcium that strengthens teeth during the remineralization process, giving users healthier and stronger enamel. This enhanced enamel protects against plaque, gum disease, cavities, and other severe oral issues.

2. Hydroxyapatite is non-toxic & biocompatible and safe to use

Since nano hydroxyapatite powder is nontoxic and naturally occurs in our bodies, it’s safer to use hydroxyapatite than fluoride. Although fluoride-based toothpaste is safe to brush your teeth with, ingesting it can cause numerous adverse effects like abdominal pain and nausea. Long-term excessive intake of fluoride may cause fluorosis, including dental fluorosis and bone fluorosis.

Hydroxyapatite toothpaste doesn’t carry these side effects and won’t harm you if you accidentally swallow it.

3. Hydroxyapatite toothpaste may help to brighten and whiten your teeth.

As a polished dental product, one of the basic functions of toothpaste is to polish teeth, and different toothpaste products use different friction agents or chemical components to “polish” the tooth surface in order to do this.

HAP toothpaste does not add any whitening ingredients (large friction or oxidants), but helps to brighten and whiten teeth. While removing tartar plaque, hydroxyapatite latches onto tooth enamel to fill small channels within sensitive teeth. It is called remineralization, which restores healthy glaze to teeth, and increases whitening effect.

4. HAP toothpaste is good for the oral microbiome.

We often think that eliminating bacteria in our mouth is a good way to keep our teeth healthy. However, it is not true.

The oral microbiome needs to be well balanced to function properly to maintain oral health. Medications such as chlorhexidine, alcohol, or triclosan may temporarily relieve bacterial overgrowth, but they cause far more problems over time than they help. Fluoride, on the other hand, has a bactericidal effect but tends to kill bacteria in the mouth instead of maintaining balance. HAP toothpaste will help protect our teeth from the “acidic attack” of bacteria, but will not disrupt the oral microbiome balance.

When bacteria gather on our teeth, causing “acid attacks” (bacteria “digesting” high-carbohydrate particles in our mouths), these “acid attacks” lead to tooth decay. Hydroxyapatite particles in HAP toothpaste can stop bacteria from attaching to tooth enamel as effectively as an antimicrobial, but it won’t damage the oral microbiome. In this way, it not only stops plaque from acid etching teeth, but also balanced flora.

5. HAP toothpaste helps balance oral pH

It is not good to our teeth if the pH value is too acidic or alkaline,which is easy to cause inflammation or other oral diseases. If it is too acidic, it will dissolve/erode tooth enamel faster; If it is too alkaline, it is easy to lead to halitosis and other problems.

Hydroxyapatite effectively balances the oral PH and avoids bad breath, inflammation and other oral problems.

6. HAP toothpaste helps improve gum health

The results of the study found that hydroxyapatite has certain anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effects, and the use of HAP toothpaste can improve gum bleeding, gum recession, ulcers and other problems.