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EPRUI Biotech cooperate tightly with top microspheres research centers in China and can supply a whole set of monodisperse silica microbeads for labs, institutions, universities or related industry.

Our monodisperse SiO2 beads includes: Nonporous silica microspheres, mesporous silica microparticles.


  • Narrow particle size distribution. CV.<3%
  • Perfect spherical morphology
  • Stable chemical property and easy to store


  • Photonic crystals research in order to build an ordered structure materials
  • Biomedical testing
  • Catalyst support
  • High performance polymer additives , polymer nano- composite fillers
  • Advanced ceramics preparation
  • Biomedical applications
  • Chemical-mechanical polishing
  • Size standard substance
  • LCD spacers
  • Chromatography packing materials,column fillers
  • Artificial stones

Product List


Non-Functionalized Silica

Silica microspheres with natural hydroxyl or silanol (SiOH) surface groups for adsorption of nucleotides with low protein binding. Non-functionalized silica microspheres are available as 10% solids (w/w) aqueous suspensions or in the dry form in these standard amounts: 1g, 5g,10g... EPRUI Biotech cooperates tightly with leading microspheres research centers [...]


Functionalized Silica Microspheres

Our functionalized silica microspheres including carboxyl, amino, epoxy, aldehyde, groups are suitable for the covalent immobilization of polypeptide, protein, antibody, oligonucleotides and other biomolecules. Microspheres with particle size below 3um are supplied as a 10% solids suspension (100mg/mL) in de-ionized water with surfactant and sodium azide. Microspheres with particle [...]

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