Bone Grafting Material

Biomaterials for Bone Repair and Reconstruction

Artificial bone repair material is the best substitute for autologous bone transplantation. Bone repair materials are constantly being replaced and upgraded, which can be roughly divided into three generations: bioinert materials, bioactive materials and smart materials. Research and development of bone repair materials with multiple biological activities, in vivo degradation property that perfectly fit for new bone formation and ability of complete reconstruction of bone tissue in physiological state are the focus of future research.

EPRUI supplies high purity medical grade HA and beta tricalcium phosphates, which are synthetic, biodegradable bone substitute material.

Our biomaterials for bone substitutes meet the Chinese pharmaceutical standards YY / T 0683-2008 which is corresponding to International Standard ASTM F 1088-04a: Surgical implants used HA and beta tricalcium phosphate. Our lab is built according to GMP requirement.

  • biomaterials HA TCP
  • biomaterials HA TCP
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Advantages of EPRUI Biomaterials Over Other Materials

ItemComponentBiocompatibilityStrengthBio ActivityDegradabilityBone ConductivityOsteoinductivityComments
Autogenous BoneHAPerfectHighPerfectGood+++++Increase patients’ pain and cause secondary injury
Allograft Bone from animals or dead man’s bonesHALess perfectHighPerfectGood+++/-Rejection reaction, possible to get infected due to failure in deactivation, limited resources and ethical problems
Coralline hydroxyapatiteHAJust so soLowGoodLow++Limited raw material, high cost
HydroxyapatiteHAJust so soLowJust so soLow+/Non degradable
Metal MaterialMetalBadHighNoneLowest+/Non degradable, repel, easy to corrode
HA/TCP from other brandsHA/TCPGoodLowGoodUncontrollable+++/Uncontrolled pore structure
HA/TCP from EPRUIHA/TCPGoodHighGoodControllable+++++Controlled pore structure and biodegradability

Why Choose Synthetic HA/TCP from EPRUI?

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Complete Buying Guide of EPRUI Synthetic Bone Graft Materials

1. EPRUI Biomaterials Products

2. What are the specifications of EPRUI synthetic bone graft materials?

ItemsMaterialParticle SizeAppearancePore SizeAdsorption Time
EPRUI-ATCP-200Alpha TCP0.2-0.5mmGranules100-500um3 months-2 years
EPRUI-ATCP-500Alpha TCP0.5-1mm
EPRUI-ATCP-1000Alpha TCP1-2mm
EPRUI-ATCP-2000Alpha TCP2-3mm
EPRUI-ATCP-3000Alpha TCP3-5mm
EPRUI-LTCP-200Beta TCP0.2-0.5mm
EPRUI-LTCP-500Beta TCP0.5-1mm
EPRUI-LTCP-1000Beta TCP1-2mm
EPRUI-LTCP-2000Beta TCP2-3mm
EPRUI-LTCP-3000Beta TCP3-5mm
EPRUI-HTCP-200HA/Beta TCP 60/40
HA/Beta TCP 40/60
HA/Beta TCP 75/25
HA/Beta TCP 25/75

3. What are applications of synthetic bone graft substitute?

  • Degradable bone cement
  • Synthetic bone substitute materials: It is intended for use as a bone graft to fill or reconstruct osseous bone defects or gaps of the skeletal system (e.g. extremities, spine and pelvis, dental) that are not intrinsic to the stability of the bone structure. Osseous defects can occur as a result of a trauma or in surgically created defects.
  • It can be used with autograft as a bone graft extender.
  • Artificial bone scaffold
  • Biocompatible bone nail, bone screw, bone plate
  • 3D bioprinting materials
  • Drug release and drug loading

4. Why choose synthetic bone graft materials from EPRUI?

  • Compared with allograft bone from animals or dead man, synthetic bone substitute materials avoid the risk of ethical problems, rejection reaction, getting infected due to failure in deactivation as well as limited resources.
  • EPRUI guarantee that the content of harmful elements and heavy metals in our synthetic bone graft material meet the international standard.
  • Great biocompatibility: No irritating, no hemolysis and effectively promote new bone tissue and cells, nutrient supply and blood vessel growth in the pores.
  • Great osteoinductivity: The chemical composition and surface micro-nanopore structure of our synthetic bone graft materials are similar to natural bone, which is easy to adsorb endogenous bone growth factors, induce mesenchymal cells differentiation to osteoblasts as well as further bone formation; Induce osteocyte activation and proliferation and new bone regeneration and reconstruction.
  • Great osteoconductivity: With 100-500um three-dimensional interconnected porous structure, our synthetic porous biomaterials can promote bone cell growth or attachment; Meet nutritional and metabolic requirements for bone cell growth and broken bone regeneration and transmission.
  • Great Biodegradation: The absorption and degradation rate of our synthetic bone substitute material matches new bone growth rate. It can be completely adsorbed and eventually replaced by autologous new bone.
  • EPRUI supplies synthetic bone regeneration products: medical grade tricalcium phosphate, HAP which  meet Chinese pharmaceutical standards YY / T 0683-2008 which is corresponding to International Standard ASTM F 1088-04a
  • The lab to make medical grade HA and TCP products is built according to GMP requirement.
  • EPRUI provides customization service and professional technical support for your research products. We supply HA and TCP products with controllable particle size, pore size and degradability
  • EPRUI has the ability to provide medical grade beta TCP and HAP products in large scale. Therefore, bulk price can be offered based on order quantity.

5. How to order

Please send e-mail to: or call us by 86-21-64192663 for products inquires.

For detailed steps, please visit: How to Buy

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