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Bone Grafting Material for Dental Implant

EPRUI supplies 100% synthetic bone grafting materials which can be used in dental implanting for all oral / dental indications including but not limited to: periodontal defects, furcation defects, socket preservation, cystic defects, fenestration & dehiscence defects.

Our synthetic bone grafting materials family includes pure beta tricalcium phosphate, alpha TCP, pure HAP, HAP/TCP composites. They are supplied in granules form with porous structure. The available particle size ranges from 0.2mm to 5mm and the porosity is 70±10%.

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Dental Bone Graft Material Specifications

ItemsMaterialParticle SizeAppearancePore SizeAdsorption Time
EPRUI-HAP08-200HAP0.2-0.5mmGranules100-500um2 years or more
EPRUI-HAP08-500HAP0.5-1mmGranules100-500um2 years or more
EPRUI-HAP08-1000HAP1-2mmGranules100-500um2 years or more
EPRUI-HAP08-2000HAP2-3mmGranules100-500um2 years or more
EPRUI-HAP08-3000HAP3-5mmGranules100-500um2 years or more
EPRUI-LTCP-200Beta TCP0.2-0.5mmGranules100-500um3 months-2 years
EPRUI-LTCP-500Beta TCP0.5-1mmGranules100-500um3 months-2 years
EPRUI-LTCP-1000Beta TCP1-2mmGranules100-500um3 months-2 years
EPRUI-LTCP-2000Beta TCP2-3mmGranules100-500um3 months-2 years
EPRUI-LTCP-3000Beta TCP3-5mmGranules100-500um3 months-2 years
EPRUI-HTCP-200HA/Beta TCP 60/40
HA/Beta TCP 40/60
HA/Beta TCP 75/25
HA/Beta TCP 25/75
0.2-0.5mmGranules100-500um3 months-2 years
EPRUI-HTCP-5000.5-1mmGranules100-500um3 months-2 years
EPRUI-HTCP-10001-2mmGranules100-500um3 months-2 years
EPRUI-HTCP-20002-3mmGranules100-500um3 months-2 years
EPRUI-HTCP-30003-5mmGranules100-500um3 months-2 years

1. Particle size can be customized
2. Granules made of pure hydroxyapatite, β-TCP, or any ratio of Biphasic HA/TCP can be customized

Features of EPRUI Bone Grafting Material

The Ultimate Guide of Bone Grafting Materials

1. What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that places new bone or a replacement material into spaces between or around broken bone (fractures) or in holes in bone (defects) to aid in healing or dental implanting.

2. Who might need bone grafting?

People might need bone grafting to promote bone healing and growth for a number of different medical reasons. Some specific conditions that might require a bone graft include:

  • An initial fracture that your healthcare provider suspects won’t heal without a graft
  • A fracture that you previously did not have treated with a graft and that didn’t heal well
  • Diseases of the bone, like osteonecrosis or cancer
  • Spinal fusion surgery (which you might need if you have an unstable spine)
  • Dental implant surgery (which you might need if you want to replace missing teeth)
  • Surgically implanted devices, like in total knee replacement, to help promote bone growth around the structure.

3. What does bone graft cost in dental implanting?

According to our survey to synthetic bone grafting materials, here in China, dental clinics or hospitals charges around USD$500 for per 0.5g bone grafting beta TCP powder.

4. Where does the bone grafting material come from?

AutograftPatientTrue osteogenic
Living cells
Growth factors
No disease transmission
Good with cortical bone
Complex surgery
Limited supply
AllograftOther HumanOsteoinductive
Effective as shells
Risk of disease transmission
XenograftOther species(mostly bovine)HA: Similar to human volume stability;
Collagen: Accelerates bone formation;
Osteoconductive only
ethical problems
HydroxyapatiteNo risk of disease transmission;
Resorbed slowly-preserves volume;
Good growth factor carrier;
Osteoconductive only
Beta TCPNo risk of disease transmission;
Resorbed quickly—replaced by new bone
HA/Beta TCPNo risk of disease transmission;
Resorbed moderately; Good growth factor carrier;
BioglassNo risk of disease transmission;
Bioactive—Accelerates bone formation
Resorbed quickly—replaced by new bone

5. What is the bone graft material from EPRUI made of?

Our bone grafting materials including hydroxyapatite, beta TCP, HA/TCP composites as well as bioglass are all 100% synthetic.

6. What are the particle sizes of bone grafting materials available for dental implanting?

ItemsMaterialParticle SizeApplication
EPRUI-LTCP-200Beta TCP0.2-0.5mmPeriodontal filling
EPRUI-LTCP-500Beta TCP0.5-1mmCherry size defect filling: mild to moderate hygroma,alveolar bone defect filling
EPRUI-LTCP-1000Beta TCP1-2mm
EPRUI-LTCP-2000Beta TCP2-3mmLarge hygroma, extraction socket, osteotomy position filling,maxillary sinus elevation
EPRUI-LTCP-3000Beta TCP3-5mm
EPRUI-HTCP-200HA/Beta TCP 60/40
HA/Beta TCP 40/60
HA/Beta TCP 75/25
HA/Beta TCP 25/75
0.2-0.5mmPeriodontal filling
EPRUI-HTCP-5000.5-1mmCherry size defect filling: mild to moderate hygroma,alveolar bone defect filling
EPRUI-HTCP-20002-3mmLarge hygroma, extraction socket, osteotomy position filling,maxillary sinus elevation

7. Are the bone grafting materials porous or nonporous?

Porous with  pore size from 100um to 500um.

8. What are the pore volumes available?

0.4cc, 0.6cc, 1.2cc, 2.0cc, 5.0cc, 10.0cc, 15.0cc

9. What are the advantages of EPRUI for providing bone grafting materials?

  • Our bone grafting materials are 100% synthetic which has no risk of disease transmission;
  • The particle size, pore size, pore volume can all be customized
  • 100% biocompatible.
  • Meet the international standards: HAP(ASTM F1185-2003); Beta TCP(ASTM F 1088-04a)
  • ISO13485 certified

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