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Porous Beta TCP

EPRUI supplies medical grade large porous beta TCP (0.2-5mm) which are widely used as bone void fillers as well as <200um spherical porous beta TCP which is ideal biodegradable material for drug delivery.

  • 100% synthetic biocompatible and biodegradable materials with osteoconductive properties

  • 3-24 months adsorption time in human body

  • Fine-tuning parameters including: Ca/P ratio, particle size, pore size, porosity, morphology
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  • Porous Beta TCP
  • Porous Beta TCP
  • Porous Beta TCP

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Porous Beta TCP Specifications

ItemMatrixAverage Particle SizeMorphologyAppearancePurityPore SizeNote
EPRUI-STCP-10-200Beta TCP10-200umSphericalWhite Powder>98%<20umParticle size can be customized by sieving
EPRUI-LTCP-200Beta TCP0.2-0.5mm/Granules>98%100-500umGranules made of pure Hydroxyapatite, β-TCP, or any ratio of Biphasic HA/TCP can be customized
EPRUI-LTCP-500Beta TCP0.5-1mm/Granules>98%100-500um
EPRUI-LTCP-1000Beta TCP1-2mm/Granules>98%100-500um
EPRUI-LTCP-2000Beta TCP2-3mm/Granules>98%100-500um
EPRUI-LTCP-3000Beta TCP3-5mm/Granules>98%100-500um
EPRUI-HTCP-200HAP/Beta TCP 60/40
HAP/Beta TCP 40/60
HAP/Beta TCP 75/25
HAP/Beta TCP 25/75

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Complete Buying Guide of Porous Beta TCP

1. What standards EPRUI follow to produce porous beta TCP?

ISO13485:2016, YY/T 0683-2008

2. What are applications of porous beta TCP?

With its fully reticulated structure, porous beta TCP is the perfect bone void filler. The highly porous granules facilitate activities of bone regenerating entities.

EPRUI produces beta TCP and HAP products by using 100% synthetic materials with osteoconductive properties which will be completely replaced by new bone over time. The adsorption time of our porous beta TCP is from 3 months to 2 years.

Besides, we can supply <100um spherical porous beta TCP which is ideal biodegradable material for drug delivery.

3. Why choose porous beta TCP from EPRUI?

EPRUI can produce porous beta TCP in many different sizes and compositions, offering excellent solutions for large and smaller bone defects.

We are specialized in fine-tuning different parameters to match the desired application’s needs and create tailored product outcomes. The customized parameters including: Ca/P ratio, particle size, pore size, porosity, morphology.

4. Pros and cons of different bone graft materials

AutograftPatient1. True osteogenic
2. Living cells
3. Growth factors
4. No disease transmission
5. Good with cortical bone
1. Pain
2. Infection
3. Complex surgery
4. Limited supply
AllograftOther Human1. Osteoninductive
2. Osteoconductive
3. Effective as shells
1. Risk of disease transmission
XenograftOther Species
(mostly bovine)
1. Similar to human volume stability
2. Collagen: Accelerates bone formation
1. Osteoconductive only
2. Human ethic challegne
Allograft- SyntheticHydroxyapatite1. No Risk of disease transmission
2. Restored slowly-preserves volume
3. Good growth factor carrier
Beta TCP1. No Risk of disease transmission
2. Restored quickly-Replaced by new bone
Bioglass1. No Risk of disease transmission
2. Bioactive-accelerates bone formation
3. Restored quickly-Replaced by new bone

5. How to order

Please send e-mail to: [email protected] or call us by 86-21-64192663 for products inquires.

For detailed steps, please visit: How to Buy

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