Project Description

Protein A affinity chromatography medium by EPRUI is based on the monodisperse porous poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) microspheres as the matrix, and genetically modified protein A as the ligand, which ensures its high affinity binding of monoclonal antibodies and Fc fragment containing recombinant proteins (macromolecules).

Our protein A chromatography media has high mechanical strength and good pH stability. Even at a high flow rate, the beads still maintained a high dynamic binding capacity, meeting the demands from laboratory preparation to industrial production.

Protein A Affinity Chromatography


EPRUI Protein A media was successfully applied in purification of hIgG from human serum.

Column: 7 mm×25 mm
Sample: human serum, 5 mL
Equilibration Buffer: 20mM PBS, pH 7.0  0.15 M NaCl
Elution: 0.1 M Glycine, pH 3.0
Residence time: 4 min

EPRUI protein a media used in hIgg purification from human serum

Features & Advantages


  • Highly uniform particle size
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Higher flow rate
  • High loading capacity
  • Better alkaline stability


  • Good reproducibility ,easy to pack
  • Higher pressure resistance, able to pack preparative column in large scale
  • Higher productivity
  • Cost effective
  • Clean with 0.1-0.5M NaOH

Product List

MatrixMonodisperse PMMA Microspheres
LigandRecombinant Protein A
hIgG Dynamic Binding Capacity>35mg/ml(4 min residence time)
Linear Flow Rate300-700cm/h
Maximum Pressure72.5 psi(5 bar,0.5Mpa)
PH Stability3-12
CIP Reagent0.1-0.5M NaOH
Storage20% ethanol, 2-8℃

Prepacked Column Specification

Column volume1ml
hIgG Dynamic Binding Capacity>35mg/ml(4 min residence time)
Flow Rate0.25-1.0ml/min
Maximum Pressure43.5 psi(3 bar, 0.3Mpa)