Project Description

Amino Magnetic Beads

Amino functionalized magnetic silica beads have the same structure as silica coated magnetic beads. It is also with typical core shell structure. The core is superparamagnetic Fe3O4 nanospheres which are coated with silica layer as shell. Amino groups are from surface modification by KH550. Besides amino groups, there are still some –SiOH groups left on the surface. Therefore, amino functionalized magnetic silica beads are not suitable for separation and purification of protein as well as other biomacromolecule.

Amino Functionalized Magnetic Silica Beads


  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • High reproducibility
  • Good biocompatibility
  • Superparamagnetic and high magnetic response (Saturation magnetization is greater than 40emu/g), saving operation time. Magnetic response time <30s
  • Excellent nucleic acid binding capacity (greater to 20ug DNA/mg Beads) to ensure the extraction effect
  • Easy to disperse and suitable for automated instrument of nucleic acid workstation
  • Good storage stability: complete silica coating, stable performance, resistance to 6M hydrochloric acid etching > 5 minutes.
  • Excellent coupling performance: 100% covalent bonding, can be used for rapid coupling of target substances


  • Bio-macromolecule coupling on the surface of amino silica magnetic beads is used for separation, purification, analysis and detection (e.g. cells, proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, etc.)
  • Separation and purification of trace nucleic acids
  • Binding to C-terminal of polypeptide for solid-phase synthesis

Product List

BrandProduct NameCode No.Particle SizeFunctional GroupsCoreShellSolventRecommended Buffers
EPRUI-MagNH2Amino Magnetic Silica Beads120020200nm-NH2Fe3O4SiO2DI WaterPBS, Tris-HCl and H2O


  • The use effect of magnetic beads in deionized water may be affected by freezing, drying and centrifugation.
  • The settling of magnetic beads due to gravity is a normal phenomenon. Before using this product, it is necessary to fully oscillate or ultrasonic disperse to keep the magnetic beads in suspension state.
  • The magnetic beads can be stored stably for 12 months at 2-8 ℃