In recent years, China’s science and technology is running forward with the power of enthusiasm, and gradually entered the stage of running, running, and leading the “three runs coexist”. However, we should keep sober and rational while full of confidence. Compared with the developed countries, China’s key core technologies in many fields need to import from overseas and it is urgent to concentrate on tackling key problems.

The real core technology is not from begging. China needs to master the core technologies by themselves. We still have a number of key core technologies that need to be overcome. It is a long tough journey for generations of Chinese.

1. Scanning electron microscopy “amblyopia” industrial manufacturing is difficult to see.

The observation of the microstructure of materials is inseparable from the “microscopic camera” – scanning electron microscope, a high-end electronic optical instrument, which is widely used in various research fields and industries such as materials, biology, medicine, metallurgy, chemistry and semiconductor department.

“For example, in the field of materials science, it is a very basic scientific instrument. It is no exaggeration to say that 70%-80% of articles in the field of materials use the information provided by scanning electron microscopy.” Researcher  Zeng Yi, from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics and Chinese Association of the Scanning Electron Microscopy Committee told the Science and Technology Daily reporter.

However, at present, the scanning electron microscope used by China’s scientific research and industrial departments is heavily dependent on imports. Each year, hundreds of scanning electron microscopes that China spends more than 100 million US dollars to purchase are mainly produced in the United States, Japan, Germany and the Czech Republic. Domestic SEM only accounts for about 5%-10%.

2. Database Management System

China is still looking for “correct opening method”.

One day, when you go to the bank to withdraw money, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that due to a system failure, your account shows Jack Ma’s data…

This kind of thing will never happen because the database management system is very reliable. Buy a train ticket online, or upload photos to the cloud, you can’t live without it.

The lucrative profits of the commercial database management system have been divided by several American companies headed by Oracle, and Chinese database management products are almost none due to its speed and reliability are incomparable with USA companies.

3. Rocket engine “rust disease” that can’t be removed

“Can stainless steel not rust?” This is a bit of black humor, almost let the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group six-engine engine expert, Chen Jianhua, deputy chief designer of the Long March 5 carrier rocket fall into a heart attack.

In the development of China’s 120-ton liquid-oxygen kerosene supplemental combustion engine YF-100, Chen Jianhua noticed that several high-strength stainless steels are prone to rust. Since 2011, he has communicated with his old friend, Su Jie, deputy director of the Special Steel Research Institute of the Iron and Steel Research Institute, and the pressure on both sides is very high.

Today, the Long March 6, No. 7 and No. 5 rockets have made their first flight. Chen Jianhua still has not got a completely convincing answer. He has a piece of foreign engine material, which is still shining in the warehouse for many years.

Strength and rust resistance are contradictory. Steel for rocket engines requires a variety of properties, of which high strength is an important indicator that must be met. Su Jie told the Science and Technology Daily reporter that the austenitic stainless steel used in China’s rocket engines has a yield strength of about 300 MPa, and the material used in the new generation of launch vehicles is two to four times stronger. However, the strength and rust resistance of stainless steel is a contradiction between fish and bear’s paw.

“There is a need to define the concept that stainless steel will rust.” “Simply speaking, the corrosion resistance of steel mainly depends on the content of the alloy element chromium, but if the element is too high, the strength will not go up. Therefore, the anti-rust ability of high strength materials will be poor.

He has a foreign engine material, which is still shining in the warehouse for many years.

To be continued!