Project Description

EPRUI C12 silica magnetic beads are silica coated iron oxide magnetic beads  functionalized with hydrophobic C12 dodecyl groups on the surface.

It can rapidly enrich corresponding organic compounds from samples according to the principle of similar miscibility. The beads are specifically designed for quickly purifying, desalting and concentrating femtomolar to picomolar scale of peptides or  proteins, manually or automatically without the need for laborious repeat of pipetting and centrifugation.

EPRUI-MagC12 magnetic beads are recommended for purification, desalting and concentration of low molecular weight proteins or peptides. For low to intermediate molecular weight proteins, EPRUI-MagC12 magnetic beads are preferred.

C12 Silica Magnetic Beads

Product List

ProductC12 Magnetic Silica Beads
Compositionsilica-based, superpara magnetic beads containing hydrophobic C12 dodecyl groups on their surface
Particle Size400nm
Surface Area~100m2/g


  • Quick, Easy and one-step high-throughput procedure; eliminates columns or filters, or laborious repeat of pipetting or centrifugation
  • High binding capacity
  • Scalable – easily adjusts for sample size and automation


Magnetic solid phase extraction (SPE) has many advantages over traditional SPE, such as convenient magnetic separation, large mass transfer and exchange area.It can overcome a series of shortcomings of traditional SPE


  1. The use effect of magnetic beads in deionized water may be affected by freezing, drying and centrifugation.
  2. The settling of magnetic beads due to gravity is a normal phenomenon. Before using this product, it is necessary to fully oscillate or ultrasonic disperse to keep the magnetic beads in suspension state.
  3. The magnetic beads can be stored stably for 12 months at 2-8 C.